The Berlin based artist Christopher Lehmpfuhl has been painting the German capital like no other artist. He has captured the city’s permanent state of flux day and night. Always working in the open, the artist has portrayed two exciting decades. He has been the biographer of the time after the German reunification, where everything was in flux, when that which is temporary and transient dominated. His paintings stand in testimony to a time of change and upheaval, to fleetingness and to the gesture of freedom that breaks through his colour-intense images. Lehmpfuhl’s various art trips and exhibitions abroad brought him international recognition. He nonetheless stayed true to his capital, producing more than 400 works, gathered in the monograph “Berlin – PLEIN AIR MALEREI 1995-2010” (DOM publishers), published last year. Thanks to the support of Deutsche Bank and Daimler this outstanding document can be now experienced in a comprehensive exhibition; in a show about Berlin, the city of art, of contrasts and contradictions; it is a show about the city of change, the beauty of which can be disclosed in the search for the traces [of history that lurk in Lehmpfuhl’s paintings]. Lehmpfuhl’s profound engagement with the city triggers curiosity for the original sites that served as motifs for his work. Hence, the current exhibition functions as an ambassador for Berlin. Even if Berlin is a city that enjoys great reputation all around the world, the image that many have of it is rather vague. Lehmpfuhl counters this by providing a sharply defined perspective on Berlin.

Regentag am Breitscheidplatz, 2006
Oil on canvas, 180 x 240 cm